All women need to hear this sometimes. Including me.

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Sailor Avengers Assemble!

Hey guys, I don’t often reblog old art but let’s try an experiment where we reblog Sailor Avengers directly from me instead of other sources!  All my love (also feel free to delete this last sentence upon reblog if you wish.)

Hee Hee.

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Went to the Vengeance Book Release. Came in last, but it was still great. I got to set the boat on fire. :)



Yup. Sorry.

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Night Vale Inspires — Part 2 :]

Part 1: [x]


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I accept no other versions of her, however historically inaccurate it is.

No, I’m pretty sure this is fairly accurate.

All hail the queen.

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The 6 Types of Board Gamers

We have some of these people. :)

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Playing Monstpocalyps Voltron edition. Truth and justice prevailed.

Dear Prospective Employer,


I read you need a Thing. I can TOTALLY Thing.

I thinged for Place and Other Location, and I have additional experience in Activities, Doing, and Stuff.

Please look at my list of Thinging history and call me if you want to chat about how I can Thing and Stuff for you.


Super-compentent Adult

Pretty much.

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